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Turner Toys & Hobbies’ mission for the past 15 years has been to bring you the highest quality educational toys.  

We choose toys that foster innovation and creativity.  Classic, well-made toys that encourage open-ended play and won’t end up broken and ignored in a corner.

The current thinking in education circles is the need for a STEAM education (integrating science, technology, engineering, art & math) to help children develop the critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the future.  

This is no surprise to us -- we’ve been specializing in toys that help children explore these subjects.  Toys that nurture kids’ curiosity and help them develop creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

As we continue to expand our selection of STEAM toys we want to be your reliable and authoritative online source for STEAM toys.  We’re already counted on by Schools, Science Olympiad teams, Technical Students Association teams, Pinewood Derby, Space Derby and Rocketry competitors to supply them with quality materials and information on how best to use them.

Along with STEM or STEAM, the Maker movement is growing.  Turner Toys & Hobbies has already been an active participant by offering rockets, airplanes, ornithopters and construction toys that are out of the ordinary. We also carry supplies for “makers” and hobbyists such as tools, glue, paints, balsa and other materials.

But, above all, we are parents just like you.  We’re a small, family-owned business located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Turner Toys & Hobbies takes great pride in our ability to offer exceptional service to each and every customer. We hope to count you among our satisfied customers soon!

Check out all the In-Store Events at Turner Toys & Hobbies. Enjoy Magic the Gathering, Pokemon Trading, Table Top Games, Decorate a Kite and much more. For more information click the box below or call 802-233-6102. 

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